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In the intricate landscape of charter school construction, having local partners with extensive experience is paramount. From managing zoning regulations, to understanding the unique needs of educational facilities, seasoned partners bring invaluable insight to the table. With years of qualified experience, our team ensures not just the construction of building, but the creation of dynamic learning environments tailored to the community's needs. Choosing knowledgeable local partners isn't just about erecting structures; it's about building educational legacies that thrive for years to come.

We understand the challenges and risks a charter school committee or organization faces when considering construction development. Perhaps the largest challenge is the reality that you need to do more with less.

While parents and consumers demand ever-increasing quality at a reasonable price, companies and school organizations face budget constraints while expenses continue to rise – unfortunately, these troubling challenges are predicted to continue. Most times, educational facility development also requires a unique approach to overcome these many challenges. Hubrich Contracting provides this solution by acting as the owner/investor in the new facility while completing the design, construction, leasing and management. Our revolutionary methodology for construction projects provide our clients the freedom from the distraction and capital investment normally required when developing new facilities.

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