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Our Methodology

Educational and facility infrastructure projects require two things:
Experience in designing and building facilities
Experience in providing funding capital
The experienced staff at Hubrich Contracting has spent years applying this methodology to meet our clients needs. Now more than ever we encourage our prospective clients to thoroughly research and analyze the background and portfolios of developers to ensure that front-end promises will result in successfully completed deliverables.

Our Process - Step by Step

  1. Needs Assessment
    Determine the specific needs and requirements of the charter school regarding the new facility. Consider factors such as location, size, amenities, accessibility, and budget constraints.
  2. Site Selection
    Identify potential sites for the new facility that align with the school's needs and preferences. Evaluate factors such as proximity to students, transportation access, zoning regulations, and community demographics.
  3. Due Diligence
    Conduct thorough due diligence on selected sites, including inspections, environmental assessments, and feasibility studies. Verify zoning requirements, building codes, permits, and any other legal or regulatory considerations.
  4. Financial Planning
    Develop a comprehensive financial plan for acquiring, developing, and operating the new facility. Secure funding through grants, loans, private investors, or other sources of capital.
  5. Design and Development
    Work with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to design and develop the new facility. Ensure that the design meets the school's educational objectives, safety standards, and regulatory requirements.
  6. Permitting and Approvals
    Obtain necessary permits and approvals from local authorities, including building permits, zoning variances, environmental permits, and any other regulatory clearances required for construction and occupancy.
  7. Construction
    Manage the construction process, including bidding, contracting, scheduling, and oversight of contractors and subcontractors. Monitor progress, quality control, and adherence to budget and timeline.
  8. Furniture and Equipment
    Procure furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the new facility, including classroom furniture, technology infrastructure, instructional materials, and administrative supplies.
  9. Staff Training and Transition
    Prepare staff members for the transition to the new facility through training, orientation, and communication. Coordinate logistics such as moving, setting up classrooms, and familiarizing staff with new procedures and resources.
  10. Community Engagement
    Engage with the school community, parents, students, and local stakeholders to ensure transparency, collaboration, and support throughout the process. Address any concerns or feedback and celebrate milestones and achievements.
  11. Grand Opening and Celebration
    Host a grand opening event to showcase the new facility and celebrate its completion. Invite stakeholders, community members, and local media to tour the facility, meet staff, and learn about the school's mission and programs.
  12. Ongoing Maintenance and Operations
    Establish protocols for ongoing maintenance, operations, and facility management to ensure the long-term sustainability and functionality of the new facility. Monitor performance, address issues, and continuously improve the facility to meet evolving needs and standards.
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