Voyager Academy Elementary

4210 Ben Franklin Blvd Durham, NC 27704

About The School

Voyager Academy Elementary is a project based learning charter school in Durham N.C. serving students in grades K - 3 and established in 2007. The elemenatry building is part of a three school campus that includes a middle and high school as well. Hubrich Contracting built all three building on site.

  • Built to Class A standards.
  • Institutional grade pre-cast exterior concrete panels.
  • Commercial grade storefront aluminum exterior windows and doors.
  • Classrooms, admin suite, specialty classrooms and gymnasium.
  • 37,000 square feet.
  • Lego engineering room.
  • Fenced-in kindergarten playground.
  • 26 Acre building site.
  • Fully sprinkled fire protection with expandable panel.
  • Fire Alarm system.
  • Solid surface cultured marble bathroom countertops.
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